5 ways to save money going back to school!

Simple Fast Loans’ money saving tips for the start of term…

Are you dreading the return to school? As a kid, it can be daunting going back to school because of the pressures of going into a new class, meeting new people and having a new teacher. Everything is unknown, and all you want to do is play in the park like you’ve been doing for the whole summer.

As an adult, it can be equally as daunting but for a different reason. You don’t have to go near a textbook or a classroom, so why should you be scared of the back-to-school season?

The financial strain, of course! Back to school can be as challenging a time for parents as Christmas. New shoes, new uniform, new books: everything seems like it has to be new. And that costs money.

Here at Simple Fast Loans, we realise the pressure parents are under when it comes to back-to-school season. That’s why we’ve created this easy-to-follow list which should save you valuable pounds and ease your back-to-school fears.

1. Shop for second hand uniforms
Let’s face it, kids get their uniforms dirty on their first day anyway. Ask your child’s school if there is a second hand uniform sale happening. If not, you can ask neighbours and friends if they know of anyone looking to sell their old uniforms.

2. Check out your local charity shop
Charity shops can stock some high quality clothing and materials and you might get a pleasant surprise if you visit your local store. With so much merchandise being sold these days, leaving lots of quality left-over products and clothes, charity shops are becoming a great alternative to the bigger, costlier shops.

3. Pack lunches and snacks
Amazingly, some parents give their children pocket money every day for lunch items and snacks. Over the course of a school year this really adds up to a big expense. Buy snacks and food in bulk in your supermarket and then spend a little time at night making lunch for the next day. You might find that you start making lunch for yourself at the same time, which could save you even more money.

4. Search online for school books
You should get the book list from your school in plenty of time for you to shop around. One option is to search online. Sometimes book shops know they can charge a high price for school books because they simply must be purchased. However, you can find second hand books in excellent condition online. Often, they are delivered for free to your house.

5. Consider transport routes
If you have a car, it is tempting to bring your kids to school every day. However there could be cheaper alternatives. First, check if your house is near a school bus run. The cost of the yearly ticket could outweigh the cost of fuel for your car for the year.

If your child cannot get the bus, you should think about car-pooling. That way, you can share the school run with a neighbour or friend and ensure you only have to drive occasionally to school.

The other option is to get ahead of the game! The summer seems to have disappeared in a flash so the top 5 tips are great for immediate savings, but if you’re the one to plan ahead, then grab a pen and paper and make a budget work for you! This could help you not only this school year, but all the years to come.

If you are still having difficulty with the cost of the return to school, why don’t you give us a call here at Simple Fast Loans? We offer a range of fast loans that are sure to help you out so that you no longer have to be afraid of the dreaded return to school.

*All figures and rates correct at time of writing