Flexible personal loans – The Top 5 Benefits!

Here are our top 5 benefits of a flexible personal loan; some of them might surprise you!

Borrowing can sometimes be such a chore. First, you have to think about what type of loan you require. Then you have to decide as to how much you think you need.

We all get loans at different stages for different reasons. You might want a small quick loan so that you can get that car service you’ve been putting off for too long, or you might want a larger loan over a longer time period for the small renovation project you promised yourself you’d do.

Whatever the reason for the loan, taking out flexible personal loans is becoming more and more popular, due to the ease of securing one and the flexibility (of course!) that they provide.

Here are some top benefits of flexible personal loans, all of which you will receive if you take one out with us here at Simple Fast Loans:

1. Quick Access to Loans
At Simple Fast Loans, we endeavour always to provide you with a loan as soon as possible. In a lot of cases, you could walk out of one of our 60 offices with a flexible personal loan on the same day.

We recommend that you call us first so we can help go through what documents you should bring, then after a quick meeting – usually no longer than a half hour – all going well you will secure a loan there and then.

2. No Fees
That’s right, taking a loan out with Simple Fast Loans requires no upfront fees. Setting up the loan is an easy process, so why should we charge you fees?

3. Flexibility
The obvious benefit is the flexibility you can enjoy from taking out a flexible personal loan. Should you secure a loan with us, you have flexibility regarding the time-frame of the loan, your repayments of the loan and also the amount you borrow.

You can secure flexible personal loans ranging anywhere from 18-36 months.

When you’re repaying the loan however you are not tied down to set repayments. You can consult with our team of trained experts to find out the times of your repayment. And the best part is that you can pay all your loan off before the set times should you wish to, at no additional cost!

As for the amount you wish to borrow, you can choose anywhere from £250 to £3,000.

4. Cash or Bank Transfer
At Simple Fast Loans, we know that some people like the idea of receiving a cash loan, whilst others prefer a bank transfer. We are flexible with the format in which we give you a loan, meaning you can walk out of one of our 60 locations with a same day cash loan or receive a bank transfer.

5. Personal circumstances
At Simple Fast Loans, one of our main goals is to help customers within the community who have been refused loans in the past.

We realise that financial mishaps happen and this can adversely affect your chances of being accepted for a loan. If you’re self-employed or an employee and have had a County Court Judgement (CCJ) or have had bad credit in the past, we will still consider you for a flexible personal loan.

Now that you’ve read through the range of benefits that come with our flexible personal loans, why not give us a call today?

*All figures and rates correct at time of writing