What is a cookie?

Cookies cannot harm your computer. A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer. It contains information about a user and the way they interact with the internet and can help make a user’s online experience more efficient. We use encrypted information gathered from cookies to help improve your experience of our website. For example, they can help us identify and resolve errors. They can also determine relevant information to show you when browsing.

We want to make sure we give you all of the information you need regarding cookies and make doubly sure that we’re clear about your privacy when using our website. Please be assured that we’re always working on a number of other privacy and cookie-related improvements that we can make to the Loans 2 Go website.

How are they used?

We use cookies to improve your experience on the Loans 2 Go website and to analyse how and when our sites are used. There are a few different types of cookie that we use to do this:

Analytical cookies:

These help us analyse the use of our website. They record things like the number of times you visit, how long you stay on the site and how you reached it. These cookies only track your use of the Loans 2 Go site and do not track your use of other sites.

Persistent cookies:

These remain on your computer after you close our website and your browser. These types of cookies allow our website to remember details about you if you visit again, like how you previously used the site. Session cookies: These are necessary for the operation of our site. However these are temporary and will be removed from your computer when you close your browser.

How to delete or block cookies

Decline the use of non-essential cookies by changing your browser settings. Click here for more information.

Please note that we’re not responsible for the content of external websites.

If you choose to block all cookies, will not work as intended. You will not be able to use or access many of the services we provide. If you have blocked all cookies and wish to make full use of the features and services we offer, you will need to enable your cookies.