Credit KnowHow

Looking for some extra guidance on how to manage your money? Perhaps some of our easy credit tips could help!

Help with Seasonal Expenses; Christmas & Summer

Just the mere mention of Christmas or Summer Holidays can send some of us into a blind panic! Much as we love the concept of the seasons

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Money loans for the Self Employed inc. bad credit options

If you are self-employed you can find yourself in something of a “catch 22” situation when it comes to trying to get a loan. You will have to work hard

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How to get emergency cash; Hints and Tips!

We’ve all been there. Despite careful planning and a budget that looks do-able on paper, unforeseen circumstances arise and we run out of money

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Getting a loan with a CCJ or bad credit history!

Every adult in the UK has a credit rating (or credit score) that indicates their ability to manage existing credit and repay any further loans.

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