How to get emergency cash; Hints and Tips!

Some hints and tips on obtaining emergency cash!

We’ve all been there. Despite careful planning and a budget that looks do-able on paper, unforeseen circumstances arise and we run out of money. It’s still a few days to payday and you need cash NOW. What can you do?

The immediate answer that comes to mind is to find an instant emergency cash loan from somewhere, and in the end this may be the solution that you need to take, either a commercial loan short term or one from family or friends.

But there are also some other things you can try that may just help to tide you over!

Some options to try:
Here are a few ways that you may be able to make small amounts of money very quickly:

Sell something:

    Consider sites like eBay/Shpock/Gumtree for general sales and more specialist sites such as WeBuyBooks, Music Magpie and Ziffit to sell books/CDs/DVDs. Or you may want to try something more locally such as a car boot sale, a local Internet selling site or adverts in local newspapers or shop windows. Some goods such as jewellery can also be sold to shops for instant cash.

Pawn something:

    If you don’t want to part with goods permanently then pawnbrokers will accept items such as computers, video gaming systems, audio visual equipment, cameras, musical instruments and jewellery in return for temporary cash. If you can pay back the cash plus agreed interest within a certain timescale you will receive your item back, otherwise they will sell it.

Return something:

    Is there anything you’ve bought and not used that you could return to the shop for a refund?

Exchange money:

    Do you have any foreign currency around the home that you never got round to converting back to £ sterling?

Search the home:

    Remember to search your home thoroughly as it’s surprising how odd bits of cash can sometimes turn up in drawers, pockets, unused bags or down the side of the sofa! Or in that bowl or bag that you always intended to take to the bank or supermarket to exchange for larger denominations of cash.

Offer a paid local service:

    Are there small jobs that you can do locally to bring in some extra cash? Such as cleaning, garden clearing, DIY or odd jobs etc?

Thinking outside the box, another thing to consider is whether you do need actual cash in hand, or is the cash to buy specific items such as food?

If the latter then why not consider trading or swapping? Is there a friend who would make you a meal in return for you fixing their computer?

Or someone who could give you a bag of food in return for you painting their child’s bedroom. Be as creative as possible here and convert your time into money or its equivalent.

Also do you have any coupons and vouchers lying around? Is there anything that you can use to get essential items either free or more cheaply just to tide you over?

How Simple Fast Loans can help

If you do decide to go for an emergency cash loan then do be careful who you borrow from. The interest rate is likely to be very high unless you pay the money back quickly.

So do ensure that you will be able to repay any short term loan as soon as possible and then once it is sorted out try to regularly put a bit of money aside to avoid getting into the situation again.

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