Direct Loans

What are direct loans?
A direct loan is essentially a loan that is agreed between the lender and the borrower, and doesn’t involve a middle man (like a broker). The use of a broker to search for a loan can be expensive and time consuming. If you need access to funds fast, without having to receive the approval of multiple third parties, then a direct loan could be the solution that you are looking for.

What are the benefits of a direct loan?
One of the main benefits of applying for a direct loan is you don’t need to pay any additional fees to any third parties working on your behalf. A third party, such as a broker can be useful when searching for a large loan, such as a mortgage, as they can find the best deal, but for a smaller loan (up to around £5,000), the costs of a broker could outweigh the benefits of using one.

How Simple Fast Loans could help?
You get to deal directly with us, the lender, making the entire application process much faster by removing the need for a middle man. With Simple Fast Loans once you’ve completed the application form, if approved, you could have your funds the same day!

With Simple Fast Loans you can opt for either our personal loan over 18 or 24 months

Both loans offer flexible repayment terms with monthly, fortnightly or weekly payment loans.