Cash Loans

What are instant cash loans?
Cash loans are different to standard loans. With a standard loan, you will typically be paid directly into your bank account, whereas with a cash loan, you can expect to be given the loan face-to-face as a cash lump sum.

You should ensure that you conduct enough research into which type of loan is best for you and you should always think very carefully before committing to any form of credit.

How do instant cash loans work?
Generally cash loans work through an enquiry or application process. You fill in a form and agree to the terms and conditions, such as pay date, amount of payments, interest rate to be paid and more. The lender will then run a background check on you, either online or manually, assessing your credit history, employment records etc.

The money is then yours to use, and regardless of how much of it you spend, you’ll be required to pay back the total amount plus any interest at the end of your loan period.

How does Simple Fast Loans work?
We understand the importance of you being able to contact us easily and to get your money quickly. So rather than the hassle of getting yourself to a branch, you can simply online and, if approved, we will transfer the money into your bank account within the hour!

If you’d rather you can call us with any your questions about either our 18 month personal loan, or Premier personal credit loan and apply that way. Either way, if approved, you could have the money within an hour!

So, if you need a short term instant cash loan then why not contact us today and see how we can help?