Guarantor Loans

Compare guarantor loans
A guarantor loan is a type of unsecured loan that requires a person you know to co-sign your credit agreement. Your guarantor then agrees to take full responsibility of your loan if you are unable to make your repayments.

In order to successfully apply for a guarantor loan you will need to have someone that has a good credit rating to guarantee your loan for you.

Is a guarantor loan right for you?
Choosing a guarantor loan is a big decision. It is worth noting that you will not be committing to the repayment process alone, and that the person agreeing to be your guarantor will also be subject to a credit check. They may also need to prove that they own their own home, have a regular income, or of course, that they’re able to afford to make the repayments if you are unable to.

Can I get a guarantor loan from Simple Fast Loans?
No, but if you’re looking to compare guarantor loans, as an alternative we offer our clients a dual signatories option on both our personal loans.

In order to qualify for this option you must be at least 21 years of age and be in regular employment.

Please note that new customers can only borrow up to £500, with returning customers being able to borrow up to £1,000 with our Standard 18 month personal loan, and up to £5,000 with our Premier personal credit loan.

There are lots of benefits to taking out a flexible personal loan with Simple Fast Loans which we encourage you to explore.

If a dual signatory loan is the right option for you please apply today and see if Simple Fast Loans can help you.