Payday Loans

Offering an alternative to payday loans
A payday loan is a loan designed to be taken out over a short period of time. Typically they are advertised as a means to fund unexpected purchases that arise a few days before the end of the month, when you are strapped for cash and waiting for payday.

Unlike traditional personal loans they are arranged over days rather than months/years, so can be used as an emergency cash stop gap until your wages arrive the following month.

A payday loan can work if you know for certain that you will have the money available on the due date to repay the loan in full, without leaving yourself short of cash again the next month. However, payday loans are notorious for being an expensive option. Fear not though, for there is an alternative to payday loans…

How Simple Fast Loans could help
At Simple Fast Loans we realise that those lump sum repayments can be very difficult to manage for people whose finances are already stretched. Borrow from Simple Fast Loans over an 18 – 24 month period and benefit by paying off your loan early, even within the same period as a traditional payday loan.

If you’re looking for an emergency cash injection why not contact us today and see why we could be a better alternative to payday loans.